The World THISability Campaign is a project created to actively support and encourage people in our societies living with various forms and levels of disabilities…in line with the United Nation’s (UN) annually celebrated International Day of Persons with Disabilities (IDPD) usually marked on the 3rd day in the festive month of December since the year 1992.

The term ThisAbility was created out of the need to celebrate-with/empower/encourage people in our societies living with various forms of disabilities from a position of STRENGTH and not WEAKNESS, from a position of “I CAN” and not “HELP ME” and finally from a position of EMPATHY and not SYMPATHY.

This maiden edition will harp on the need to empower people living with disabilities in our societies instead of just showing pity on them or creating unhealthy avenues for them to milk-off people’s pity…hence the theme-hashtag #EmpowerWithEmpathy.

We as fellow human-beings must also do our utmost best to support and encourage people living with disabilities not to dwell on self-pity by way of working-on and resultantly changing the general mind-set that stems from self-pity. The Physically Challenged must be made to understand that they are quite as human as other people as well as part and parcel of the larger society and should be able to contribute their own quota to society building.

This project indeed is a paradigm-shifting annual campaign.

This almost-a-week-long, epoch-making campaign is billed to take-off on the 28th of November to end on the 3rd of December, 2017.


To organise an annually celebrated world-class campaign (for people living with disabilities) with world-class sponsors for the people of Nigeria and the world at large…in a bid to provide a medium to promote the strengths and not the vulnerabilities of the physically challenged. 


To stay in line with The United Nation’s (UN) annually celebrated International Day of Persons living with Disabilities IDPD so as to foster the societal integration, empowerment and protection of the physically challenged as well as their basic human rights. 


  • Help provide our physically-challenged citizens a medium of self-discovery and also showcase their immense talents to the world.
  • Help instil core values of self-confidence, self-esteem, value-creation, taking responsibility and developing a strong personality in our physically challenged citizens.
  • Serve as a medium to promote and involve the “Empower With Empathy” theme to help in the sensitization of our society at large.
  • Serve as a medium to campaign against societal ills that are predominantly meted-out to people living with disabilities by the society at large…eg segregation, discrimination, molestation due to vulnerability, etc.
  • Help create an employment avenue for some of the physically challenged youth abiding in Lagos state whose professions are streamlined towards event management.
  • Serve as a medium to foster unity and oneness amongst the people living with various forms of disabilities as it promises to be very exciting.
  • Will in its own way, serve as a medium for stake holder companies and businesses that identify with the project to showcase their brands as well as their goods and services (as a form of their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)) to the whole nation and the world at large, due to our impending media partnership with top class media vehicles.