The journey well and truly begins…now.

People all over the world living with disabilities are faced with numerous, difficult cum seemingly insurmountable challenges and fears. They’ve been told times without number that they are incapable of fulfilling certain roles in society and are sometimes even ostracized, let alone discriminated upon.

The moniker “THIS-Ability” instead of the regular term “Disability” was coined out of the need to create a new mentality and a new way of approach towards people living with various forms of disabilities all over the world, as well as helping to create a better and stronger SELF-BELIEF mentality/system for the physically challenged. A newer, more powerful approach, if you like. We the organizers see the massive importance in the need to approach the various challenges of proper integration of the physically challenged into mainstream society from a position of strength…and not pity. United States Athlete Robert M Hensel once said, “I choose not to place ‘Dis’ in my ability”. We agree with this statement of his and hope to use it as a source of inspiration for other people living with disabilities in Nigeria and all over the world.

For the world to take people living with disabilities serious, a paradigm shift has to occur…both ways. The Physically Challenged have to face the world with a newer, stronger mentality and the rest of the world has to adjust so as to properly accommodate and integrate them into the regular day-to-day scheme of things as regards ALL FACETS of life and general living.

That paradigm shift we are championing this year, as we campaign for and celebrate – EMPOWER WITH EMPATHY.

Kind Regards,

Eberechukwu Paulinus

Head Convener,

The World ThisAbility Campaign.