Our Programs


As planned last year…A master-peice, state-of-the-art Campaign will have the whole city of Lagos and indeed the whole nation buzzing at the thought of such a creative project being put together to remember the physically challenged people in our society.

There will be scheduled MEET AND GREET Events (casual meetings with a touch of music, fun, interaction, shared experiences, refreshments and gift items/campaign souvenirs) with different PWD Groups and Well-Meaning Nigerians in Lagos, PortHarcourt and Abuja as the organizers try to reach out to as many PWDs as possible in a less formal and very powerful way. This will be a very effective medium to spread the Campaign’s ideals across as it will be welcomed with open arms. This concept also has the capacity to become a SOCIAL-MEDIA PHENOMENON as it will be very energetic and interactive. These Meet and Greet mini-events will be held within the 3rd Quarter of 2018.

There will be a week-long array of activities from the 3rd to the 9th of December 2018. These include a TWO-DAY SEMINAR, a WALK and a CONCERT.

The Campaign will commence on the 3rd of December…to mark the UN International Day for persons living with Disabilities (IDPD).

The World ThisAbility Campaign (WTC) – Two-Day SEMINAR:

This will be a medium to sensitize interested special-needs/physically-challenged people as well as regular people without disabilities on the theme EMPOWER WITH EMPATHY and the need to operate from a position of strength…as well as highlight on the ThisAbility brand and its advantages to society. This two-day seminar will hold on the 3rd/5th of December 2018.

The seminar will also (as a maiden edition) become an avenue to briefly discuss the United Nation’s International Day of Persons living with Disabilities (IDPD) ANNUAL THEMES from 1998 (ARTS, CULTURE AND INDEPENDENT LIVING) up till the last one (which is 2016’s ACHIEVING 17 GOALS FOR THE FUTURE WE WANT).

Ways on how to improve disabled peoples chances of being gainfully employed mandatorily

(Instead of relying on the pity and sympathy of others to survive) will be discussed as well by top professionals, artisans, on-air personalities, celebrities, masters of industry and of-course popular people living with disabilities who are resource-persons and have also succeeded in life. This will be a massive source of motivation for the physically challenged.

Each Seminar Topic will be handled by THE BEST SUITED PROFESSIONAL OR SPEAKER for it…e.g. legal cases being handled by lawyers and business-related topics by top masters of industry.

NB: 1) EMPOWERMENT FUNDS will be handed out to selected physically challenged persons with smart BUSINESS IDEAS and TALENTS in line with our #EmpowerWithEmpathy theme.

2) Advocating for 10% (Ten Percent) POLITICAL INCLUSION for the physically challenged will be a major highpoint during this multifaceted seminar as a major step towards achieving proper integration in Nigeria and indeed all over the world.

The World ThisAbility Campaign (WTC) – The ThisAbility-WALK:

This campaign awareness branded “A Walk for THISABILITY” will serve as a source of physical activity for the physically challenged to show the world that they can do whatever the regular/normal citizens can do in their own way. It will be held on the 7th of December, 2018.

This is most definitely a solid way to propagate the ThisAbility Campaign from a position of strength…as well as massively promote the brand by attracting public attention to this project.

The World ThisAbility Campaign (WTC) – Music/Comedy Concert:

This concert will help promote the brand “THISABILITY” massively, as well as give the physically challenged in our society a great sense of belonging. It will also be a good cause for them to cheer and feel happily integrated and actively involved in society.

Tagged “UNLEASH THISABILITY!”, it will be held on the 9th of December 2018. The most talented, physically challenged Musical and Comedy acts from all over Nigeria will be on display, as well as well-known top artistes cum celebrities…as the world will indeed witness a well-organized show of solidarity dedicated to people living with disabilities in Nigeria and beyond.

Awards for the best physically challenged performers in each category (Music and Comedy) will be handed-out alongside monetary incentives…as well as consolation prizes. There will be a properly FULLY BRANDED VENUE with sponsor(s) brands alongside The ThisAbility logo as well as its themes/celebrity popular-quotes on disability to further help sensitize the public. It promises to be exciting cum breathtaking for everyone.